Appguru Technology is a mobile developer and game publisher with straightforward dedications –

Be Innovative on
Mobile App Development

Bring amazing and thrilling
mobile games to fellow gamers

Core Values of Appguru Technology

Headquarted in Singapore, Appguru Technology works closely with partners over the world, focusing its expertise in areas of mobile applications and game development. Appguru Technology gathers people with the right expertise, accumulative work experience and knowledge of the mobile industry to create added-value and long-term partnerships with our clients.

We believe employees exercise their skillsets at full potential when they possess positive mindset. Therefore, creating a good robust work environment where everyone works smart and hard, plays hard and creates tons of fun is what we love to experience within Appguru Technology.

Undeniable Passion
for Mobile Games
Never Stop Learning
Fulfilling Work
Aim for Solution, not Problem 

We work and play as a team. Innovation and creativity are strongly within Appguru Technology when it comes to achieving our project’s goal. With a professional and approachable team, clients can easily convey their needs, concerns and feedback during the entire process. After all, longstanding partnerships with our clients as well as providing high quality of services are what we focus at.